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ROK HUDNIK, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)



I developed my passion for business at a young age as a diverse environment, searching for optimal solutions and work with people gives me the opportunity for personal growth.

As a diplomat of the Higher administrative school in Ljubljana, my professional career path has started at the Generali insurance company. The nature of the work required active communication, responsiveness and adaptability. Later I continued my career as a consultant in the field of consulting of property funds.

My passion for working with people and active lifestyle has to lead me to the decision of establishing Roni nepremicnine. The beginnings were hard as the global economic crisis came shortly after the start of the business. The real estate market changed drastically, which required a lot of adaptation and patience. However, I am cherishing the rich experiences from that time as they serve me still today as I remember them when facing bigger challenges.

After the company's overhaul, we enlarged the team of agents and the support team. I have recognized this opportunity in the international markets. Thus, we opened Roni estates LTD in London, which is focused on the international market.

My key functions are leading the team, business communications and strategy implementation. Working with people and gaining new knowledge of the business world completes me both on a personal and business level.

NINA HUDNIK, Master of Business Studies (MBS)


Real estate agent (licence no: 01372)


After getting my Master's degree in Business Studies from Gea College, which gave me the necessary basis for further feats, I decided to become a real estate agent. I have been, together with my husband, engaged with the company Roni nepremi─Źnine, d.o.o.  since its very foundation in 2007.

The business path we decided to follow was not easy due to the economic crisis in local and international markets. The difficult conditions led to the significant reduction of real estate transactions. Despite that, we fought to maintain the satisfaction of our clients and tried to adapt to the unstable market as best as we could.

My list of tasks in the company includes a wide variety of responsibilities. I make sure all procedures are executed correctly, manage the support team and am active in the real estate field as an agent. I also enjoy working with foreign clients.