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House|Detached|195.2 m2|2009

Upper Carniola, Radovljica

Price: 590.000 €

Basic information about the property: The exterior of the building mimics the style of the Viennese Art Nouveau. The entrance door to the building is two-part made of solid white wood, surrounded by a granite portal and a keystone at the top. The base of the facade is made of granite slabs. On the plot, next to the main building, there are two canopies with a four-pitched roof on four concrete pillars, where there is room for 4 motor vehicles. In addition to the covered parking space, there are also two uncovered parking spaces between the canopy and the wooden shed. The shed is 14 m2 net, made of spruce wood in dark green and covered with a symmetric gable. From the level of the parking lot, which is 1.5 m lower than the main building, there are single-frame stairs, 1.8 m wide, lined with fired granite in a shade of green. Burnt granite is also between the two canopies and ends right next to the driveway. There are granite slabs around the building and around the pavilion. The retaining wall on the S side, approx. 16 m long and 0.8 m high, is finished with granite slabs.

The rainbow staircase inside is windswept and lined with green granite slabs and a mosaic in the middle. Above the staircase is also a sixteen corner dome with a mandala at the top. Light penetrates through the mandala into space.

Equipment: There are several antiques in the single-family house, the most prominent of which is the oldest exhibit above the staircase - a 10-candle chandelier about 160 years old from France (gold-bronze). On the staircase, there is a ceiling lamp - a ceiling chandelier from the Art Nouveau period from the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana (the year 1902). In windsurfing, there is also a ceiling chandelier from the same period. In the living room is a 12-candle crystal chandelier about 100 years old. There are also two candlesticks in the shape of a human figure in the living room. There is a 6-candle crystal chandelier in the dining room (it is about 90 years old). The kitchen has a chandelier in the shape of a kerosene lamp, there are also three round chandeliers from the Art Nouveau period (age about 100 years). The dining room has two wall lamps (two-candle, brass) from the Art Nouveau period. The reading light on the pedestal is a three-candle made of solid walnut wood, about 100 years old. In the workspace, the 8-candle brass chandelier is about 90 years old. The windshield also has a free-standing brass hanger on a tripod. In the attic (bedroom) is a ceramic 5-candle chandelier about 85 years old. In the reception room in the attic is an 8-candle brass chandelier about 90 years old. In the reception room in the attic, there is also a two-part cabinet made of walnut and tarsia, 110 cm wide, 45 cm deep, 210 cm high (age approx. 120 years, origin Austria).

Connections: heating - electricity and solid fuels - central heating, water, electricity, internet.


  • 699 m2
  • HP3124
  • Additional
    • Balcony
    • Garden
    • Terrace
  • Parking
    • Parking space
    • Covered parking space
  • 2009
  • Vzdrževano
  • Furnished
  • Luxury
    • Sauna
    • Nice view
    • Close to nature
    • Very sunny
    • Art
  • Ambient
    • Nice view
    • Close to nature
    • Very sunny
  • Connectors
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Cesspit
  • Heating
    • Central heating
    • Fireplace
    • Firewood
    • Electricity

Price: 590.000 €